Various stimuli made me think about the topic of staying relevant lately.

Cover art symbolising focus shift.
Glasses by Xinh Studio and Binoculars by Tom Ingebretsen, from the Noun Project.

The key contributor, I think, is the constant reminder of how highly valued a glossy surface is. A slick and modern UI will get the votes in 2020 (instead of the insights and process that should proceed it).

The problem is that anyone can design a slick and modern UI…

If you ask a UX professional what UX strategy is, you’d get answers as widely spread as hippo poo, of which the majority would be vague.

Illustration of a venn diagram

Why? Because strategy is a confusing catch-all phrase, but still we want to include it in our skillset. Because it’s expected of us:

In any project in which you work as a UX designer, it is fundamental to start by drafting a solid strategy.

Jerome Kalumbu

I’m guilty of this…

Martin Sandström

Designing digital interfaces. Kitesurfer. Travels a lot.

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